Install All The Missing Features In Your Windows 8/8.1 PC

Each version of Windows operating system is bundled with hundreds of new features. When Microsoft adds new features to a version of Windows operating system, the software giant also makes sure to discontinue some features that were part of the existing version of Windows.Take, for example, Windows 7 was lacking at least seven features of Vista. Windows Media Player taskbar toolbar, dreamscene, and quick launch toolbar are some of the features that were dropped from Windows 7.

The same is true for Windows 8 as well. Desktop gadgets (was discontinued citing security reasons), Aero glass, the famous Start menu, Windows Experience Index (not present in Windows 8.1), and legacy games are missing from Windows 8/8.1.

Missed Features Installer is a third-party application Free which allows users Windows 8 not only to recover feature sites lack like Start Menu, Aero glass, Desktop Gadgets or Games, But to customize Operating system using utility included, such as Lock Screen Customizer or This PC Tweaker.

Compared to the other versions, Windows 8 has lots of customizing options and tools available. Previously, I wrote about “Lockscreenify“, which helps the users to customize the Windows 8/8.1 lock screens and about “Ultimate Windows Tweaker“, which lets you edit all the possible options on your Windows PC. Apart from these tools, there are plenty of useful third party apps available on the Internet to customize your PC. Today I’ve come with one such application called “Missed Features Installer”, which comes as a package and install all the missing features on your Windows 8/8.1 PC.

For instance, as you likely know, there are tens of free Start menu programs out there. And then there are at least three free tools out there to enable Windows Experience Index in Windows 8.1. Desktop gadgets pack has been ported for Windows 8/8.1. There are workarounds to install legacy Windows games in Windows 8/8.1 with a few mouse clicks.

Missed Features Installer
Missed Features Installer is a free application for Windows.  Since it contains lots of customizing tools and apps, the application is quite large (around 550MB). On the download page, you will see the complete list of applications in that package. So, if you don’t need more than one or two apps in that list, you can download them separately. But, there are plenty of interesting apps available in that package and worth giving a try. Also, all the apps available in that package are freewares.

Users who are missing Windows 7’s feature in Windows 8/8.1 can now install a single tool to get all missing features. Windows Missed Features Installer is a free tool and lets you get Aero glass, desktop gadgets, Start menu, and legacy Windows games in a jiffy.

Missed Features Installer, which is a standalone tool, lets you install .NET Framework version 3.5 as well. In addition to those features, it also comprises some tweaking tools such as This PC Tweaker, User List Enabler, and Lock Screen Customizer.

All tools bundled with MFI are freeware. The Start menu is from IObit, Aero glass from Big Muscle (not freeware, exactly), and Windows Experience Index, This PC Tweaker, Lock Screen Customizer, TakeOwnershipX, and User List Enabler are from the house of WinAero. Missed Features Installer lets you install .NET Framework version 3.5 as well. The only downside is that the size of the installer is 550 MB. So if you are looking to get one or two features , you better download and install those features/tools directly from their respective developers/porters.

Although Microsoft is trying hard to simplify and build a smooth user experience, they keep failing in the details. Users have become used to certain features and still expect Windows to be somewhat customizable and controllable.

Note: Missed Features Installer is compatible with all versions of Windows 8 (Windows 8 Windows Update 8.1 1 +/- and 2).

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